Pellet Boiler Benefits

Why Ponast?

Our boilers not only benefit your home-life, but your wallet and the environment as well. Additional features make maintenance far easier too.

Ponast Pellet boilers are available in several outputs ranging between 5kW to 62kW and offer:

  • Range of flexible boiler room solutions
  • High efficiencies at all outputs
  • Compliant with stringent smoke control requirements – DEFRA approved for Smokeless Zones
  • Automatic electric ignition
  • Fully automatic de-ashing (KPx2 and KPx3 range)
  • Modulating control (ability to vary output from 30% to 100% of depending on demand)
  • Long intervals between ash removals
  • Bulk pellet transportation by auger or vacuum system feeds
  • Weather compensation programming
  • Heating circuit control
  • Internet control
  • GSM control
  • Solar thermal controller (KPx3 range)

Why Wood Pellet?

Pellet Biomass boilers are becoming more popular to heat both homes and businesses offering the same level of comfort that people have come to expect from the more traditional heat source. There are in excess of 1 million units in service across europe, confirming that this is an established method of heating. Currently, the UK Government offer a one-off grant of £950 for biomass boilers under the Renewable Heat Incentive Premium Payment scheme (Please visit The Energy Saving Trust for full terms and conditions and eligibility criteria).

Most homes can be easily retrofitted with a pellet boiler added to your existing system whether it be the primary heat source or as part of a bivalent system. Pellets are readily available throughout the country in bagged or loose form and can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Wood pellets cost significantly less than oil, LPG and electric, with customers reporting a 40-60% saving on heating costs. Some customers have seen savings cover the capital cost of the system in as little as 7 years.

Pellets are a sustainable and carbon-neutral fuel source and burn cleaner than traditional heat sources; with efficiency levels in excess of 90%, there is very little waste product from the boilers. Unlike oil and gas, pellets are not impacted by the world markets, the inflationary effects of a weakening sterling and the growing demand for energy in other countries.... therefore making pellet an efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly form of heating your home!