Container Boiler Room

Product Description

The boiler room is built into the transport ISO 20 'container (5900×2400×2600 mm). It can be equipped with 1 - 4 units of automatic pellet boilers KP 50/51/62, on request also other types of KP. This solution includes a hydraulic system that allows connection of boilers to the heating system in one defined place. Also includes system of measurement and regulation of boiler room.

On request it can be equipped with a communication module for remote control. Can be equipped with separate hydraulic ouputs for multiple heating circuits with independent measurements of taken heat. Boiler room can also be equipped with a solar system with, buffer vessel and DHW tank.


Boiler room is a compact functional unit that allows production of heat using wood pellets. Boiler room shall be placed on a prepared concrete base near the heated object or to location of heat channel ending. Boiler room is connected to the heating system through flanged connections. Connection to the power supply - NN 230V/50Hz. Smoke outlet of boilers – using three-mantle stainless chimney attached to the self-supporting construction connected with the container.


Boiler room can be used to supply a single object or a network of smaller objects. Operation of the boiler room is controlled by a separate measurement and regulation system. Fuel supply is provided by tankers through pneumatic transport system of pellets. Transport of pellets into the boiler - automatic – auger or pneumatic transport. Variant fitted with a solar system primarily uses heat obtained from solar collectors, a secondary source is a pellet boiler.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L×W×H)mm5900×2400×2600
OutputkW50 – 200
wood pellets
Number of boilers
1 - 4
Fuel binm3max 16
External fuel bin
yes (max 24 m3)
Power supply