Mini Container Boiler Room

Product Description

The Mini Container Boiler Room is a boiler room built into the container (1500×1350×1700 mm). It can be equipped with 1 automatic boiler; (KP 10/11 or KP 20/21.)


The Mini Container Boiler Room is a compact functional unit that allows production of heat using wood pellets. Boiler room is connected to the heating system through flanged connections. Connection to the power supply - NN 230V/50Hz. Smoke outlet of boilers – using three-mantle stainless chimney attached to the self-supporting construction connected with the container.


The Mini Container Boiler Room can be used to supply a single object. Operation of the boiler room is controlled by a separate measurement and regulation system. Transport of pellets into the boiler - automatic – through augers.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L×W×H)mm1500×1350×1700
OutputkW17 – 29
wood pellets
Number of boilers
Fuel binm3max 1400
Power supply